AutoXTen opened for business…

The hype is over…now it’s time to build the business. This is the general sentiment surrounding AutoXTen. As with any high profile launch there were teething problems to start with. It took much longer to populate each matrix than was originally advertised. Because of this many sceptics were already heralding it as scam.

In reality no-one should have been surprised that there were hiccups to start with. Eventually these were resolved so that now everyone should have access to their back office.

Whether they will be happy with what they see there is a different matter. Having warned in previous posts that the likelihood of spillover should not be relied on it was no surprise then to see that the warning was borne out. No doubt some people benefited but it appears that more people were disappointed.

Hopefully, now that the launch is over attention can be focused on members getting to grips with the products. In reality this is where the hard work begins…building a sustainable business for the future. The material on offer is a learning resource. It offers printed and audio material to help start and run both online and offline businesses. For those who joined AutoXTen at the $10 level there is an introduction to how you approach starting your online business. Now the business can be AutoXTen itself or any other form of online business that a member may be part of. In a previous post there was reference to one of the conference calls where the point was made that effort should be focused on building a single business and members would be well advised to heed that advice if they want to succeed.

Having built a high profile very quickly the owners of AutoXTen need to follow that up with real support to the members if they are to stick to their claims about the opportunity. And yet the business itself can’t do all the work. It is up to each member to buckle down and learn from the information and perhaps more importantly put it into practice. It will be interesting to see where AutoXTen are in twelve months time.

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