Expansion by Acquisition...

If you read the Latest News section for last week you'll see that Colon End Parenthesis (CEP) acquired 4NewbiesMarketing recently. Subsequently there was an announcement that they are also acquiring DesertSkyMarketing as once again they see potential for expansion and believe the site admin is someone that they can work with for the future.

Now, of course there are questions raised by such a move on behalf of Colon End Parenthesis (CEP). Whilst it seems an accepted way to increase exposure and increased membership it does mean that anyone seeking true diversification would now have less choice.

On a fairly subjective level it seemed to me that DesertSkyMarketing was visible in the Market Place and therefore probably attracting members still. I'm sure the Colon End Parenthesis (CEP) admin has good intentions as from everything I've seen the company has honoured all of their commitments. Let's hope the integrations go well and that the reduction in diversification opportunities can be offset in other ways
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