FAP Turbo revs up...

The guys over at FAP Turbo are certainly not sitting on their laurels. They just released the latest version of the software and have made some changes in the way in which updates will be handled going forward.

When you join you have to submit an authentication code which is provided by FAP Turbo. Originally you only did this once and you were good to go. Now, each version of the software is only valid for one month so you will need to keep checking back each month for the latest version and re-authenticate. Whilst this might sound something of a chore I think it's a neat solution to make everyone use the latest version of the software.

As far as results go I'm still impressed although I'm having to run on a demo account still. Today I made the decision to abandon setting up a live account with ForexMeta as they are far too slow in coming back to me. Also, I'm having problems with the setup at Forex Hoster and again their customer service has proved to be woeful. Hence, I will not be using them as the VPS service.

I've opened a new account with myFXPro as they were recommended to me. The site is not that user friendly but they have live customer support 24/5 and the spreads are very competitive.

I'm holding off using a VPS service for the time being and will review my options in due course.
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