FOREX trading you can have control over...

As 2009 starts to unfold I'd like to introduce you to an opportunity where you can maintain control over funds but also look forward to returns of 70% a month on your investment.

John Noakes from the Secure Your Future forum has started what he has named the Private Trades Club, this is a genuine attempt to help people make a good income without having to do too much themselves.

John has traded using his system for several months with good success and has now started to offer it to members of his forum. The idea is that any investment you make is managed on your behalf by experienced and professional FOREX traders. They do the work and you make a good return.

The rationale behind John making this offer was the frustration that arose from many of the online investment opportunities that John has been involved with which delivered little.

As the Private Trades Club uses mainline brokers your money is always under your control so, unlike may online opportunities you can withdraw funds quickly if you need to.

The minimum investment recommended is in the region of $1,000 so not unreasonably high given other programmes such as this.

As an opening offer the monthly membership fee is $45 up until 17 January. After this date the cost rises to $50 per month.

You won't be surprised to hear that to join the PTC you have to become a member of the forum. The process is easy and straightforward and details can be found in this post

I believe this to be a genuine attempt by John to provide non sophisticated investors with a way to make great returns with little effort and would recommend that you take a look as soon as possible.

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