Global Pension near yet...

From Day 1 the business model for Gobal Pension Plan has been to sign up 100,000 members in a Reverse Pension Plan scheme. The start of this quest was a long time ago and in the heady days of beginning sign-ups were fast and furious although it has always been difficult for people to appreciate that for a relatively modest sum you would receive a rich reward in return (€55,000 if over 27 and €110,000 if under).
As time passed people lost interest and wrote the whole thing off as just another loser, and yet in the background the admin has always been there plugging away.
In the latter part of 2008 we find ourselves in a situation where around 75,000 people have submitted the necessary documents and the insurance company, we are told, is diligently working through them.

This means that there is a shortfall of some 25,000 people and efforts are now in train to try and resolve this. Speed is of the essence as a final deadline of 31 January 2009 has been announced.

To help sway the fence sitters the cost of the initial policy has now been set at €20 (additional are €10 each). We are getting to the stage that we can see the finish line and we just need to make a little more effort to get there.

If you have been thinking about joining Global Pension Plan then there is literally no better time. To enrich your own life and perhaps others in your family I'd recommend you wait no longer and sign up as soon as possible. You will need to sign a Members agreement and provide proof of ID but this is not that onerous a task and for the reward involved very worthwhile.
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