Helping to Secure Your Future...

A couple of posts ago I introduced an online newsletter that I recommend you subscribe to. Now, I'd like to put before you an online forum that I believe offers a great deal of value for those of us who are looking to find reliable and trustworthy ways for making money online.

The forum is titled Secure Your Future and is run by an Englishman named John Noakes. Unlike many online forums John keeps a very strict control on what is discussed and ensures that posts are resourceful to help the reader get the latest information on the programmes being discussed.

Over the last few months John has become increasingly frustrated with the various online programmes and how they are being managed. As a result he has been looking to find a way to provide members with a more secure option that leaves control with the individual rather than external parties.

Like myself, he has come to the conclusion that FOREX is the best way to meet his objectives. His own experiences have convinced him that a well regulated FOREX service offers higher than average returns with good risk management.

As a result he has recently launched what he calls the Private Traders Club. Interested members will pay a monthly fee of $50 which will give John the time and funding to properly manage the service. Those interested will need to invest $750 (recommended minimum) and John will provide all the support and advice needed to run the account with selected brokers.

Initial response has been very favorable and John is currently creating new accounts.

If you are looking for an essentially passive way to partake in the FOREX market then this may be one option to consider. John is a very reliable admin and all the members of the Secure Your Future forum value his efforts and advice.
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