How to Change the World

The Art of Unintended Uses

Most people in the mid eighties used personal computers for three primary purposes: spreadsheets, databases, and wordprocessing. Thank God that Paul Brainerd came up with the idea of PageMaker and desktop publishing, or we'd all be listening to music on cassette tapes. The principle that I learned from Aldus is that ultimately customers decide how to use your product or service, not your marketers.

A Blooming Great Idea

This is a cool idea. I would buy one in a second. No picture. You have to trust me and click here. More cool gadget here too.

How to Pickup a Venture Capitalist

I wrote a list of pickup/opening lines to use on venture capitalists for the Sun Microsystems small business blog. Please check it out here. The post lists the most common lines and what a venture capitalist would think when you utter such drivel.

For total venture capital news coverage, try

I'll Never Get on a Plane Again

Holy cow, am I the last person in the world to see this? Forget Cathay Pacific's first class seat, this is the way to make a speech in a far away land: Cisco/Musion Systems TelePresence holographic video conference. John Chambers (left) is in Bangalore. The other two guys (Martin De Beer and Chuck Stucki) are in San Jose. Click here to watch how it works.

Forty Five Hours in Kuala Lumpur

I recently spent forty hours in Kuala Lumpur to speak at the 16th World Congress on Information Technology. Wow, what city KL is. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Trendhunter Rocks!

I love the Internet because I wake up every day and discover something cool. Todays discovery is TrendHunter, a site that recruits people around the world to spot trends. Here are some examples: Condom testers needed in the UKmums the...