Iron Condors advisory service...

As someone who is interested in advisory trading services I was pleased to come across Condor Options a few days ago. This is a site where you can learn about trading what are known as an Iron Condor. Now I'm certainly no expert in this type of thing so I'll take a direct quote from the site "An iron condor is a type of options spread trade that involves simultaneously buying and selling multiple contracts in order to capture a particular segment of future market movement."

So that's alright then! Actually as Condor Options is an advisory service you don't have to worry too much about how it all works as you will be trading according to their advice. When I checked the site information there was definitely a sense of working with the client to make sure that they are comfortable with how things work, what an Iron Condor is and the type of risk that you as a client would be willing to bear.

The aim is to make a return of 10% per month, the great thing being that you need only a small amount of time to achieve this, no watching trading screens or anything like that. In fact Condor Options also offer a free auto trading service so you can have virtually no involvement at all.

As with most advisory services there is a cost attached and like others you can save money by subscribing for longer periods. So, a 1 month subscription would set you back $139, 6 months $749 and a full year $1339. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee where if you subscribe for 1 month and are not fully satisfied within that time they will refund your $139.

One thing to be aware of is that you will need a reasonable bank to start with as you have to take account of dealing fees etc. However, if you are looking for a passive income with potential for good returns then Condor Options is certainly worth a look. They are restricting the number of new memberships to 50 at the moment so you should take a look sooner rather than later.
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