My FAP Turbo and FOREX VPS working together...

This is the first week that I've had my full setup done for the FAP Turbo EA. It took  a while to get things working correctly on my Virtual Private Server (VPS), Forex VPS so if you are considering using such a service then please make sure you allow some time to get everything working correctly.

Initially I had problems getting the screen resolution on the VPS correct but did manage this eventually. I think one of my other programmes was interfering somehow. Once I had that set up getting the FX Pro Meta Trader installed gave little problem.

Installation of FAP Turbo went relatively easily although it did take a few attempts for my account to be recognised.

The Forex VPS service costs $35 a month which I think is a worthwhile investment as it means I don't have to worry about any problems with my broadband connection or other technical issues.

The first week of trading in this way has shown a profit on my live account although there was a loss on Monday which everyone suffered from. Hopefully it will be onwards and upwards from here.
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