Pull up a comfy chair...not

This weekend I spent a relaxing weekend by the English seaside in Brighton, on the South Coast. The trip was designed to provide my wife and I with a couple of days away from the day-to-day and to kick back somewhat. For my wife that means even more time for hitting the shops. Great for her, torture for me!

However, this weekend I decided to hit a bookshop whilst my good lady hit the credit card.

As soon as I got there I noticed a copy of the 4 hour workweek by Timothy Ferris. I've read quite a few good reviews about this so I decided to take a quick peek. Sixty minutes later I was still going and hoping the shop staff wouldn't tell me to buy it or move on. Actually, I'm still amazed that bookshops in this country don't follow the example of our US friends by providing comfy seats for people to browse. This always seemed an eminently sensible idea to me.

Some of the content was familiar from other sources but the good thing was that this time it rang true. Things like Pareto's 80/20 rule and Parkinson's Law were all explained in terms of working effectively day to day.

If you haven't yet read this book then please take a look and get some great advice.

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