Talking sense...

Two weeks ago I mentioned that I subscribe to Early To Rise as a newsletter that provides a great deal of useful information when you are looking to improve your knowledge, health and wealth. As you can appreciate the articles that appear in the newsletter are written by many different people.

One contributor that I find submits highly pertinent content is Robert Ringer and I am now also a subscriber to his own missives. Robert's style is to discuss a particular aspect of wealth building by referencing case studies or by using examples from his own experience. I like the way that he makes a point succinctly and leaves you with plenty of food for thought.

A good example of his work is given by a brace of articles that he wrote on investing styles that I feel shows just how different peoples lives can turn out.

Robert Ringer does have a lot of content on his site and markets heavily for the products that he has available. Personally I don't object to this but if you are someone who is turned off by regular marketing emails then you might want to consider if subscribing to his free newsletter is worthwhile but I would recommend that you at least take a look as the article content is very good.
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