Three Ways for Making

Today I've decided to recap some recent posts as they are either time-sensitive or important in ensuring that you join early into an opportunity.

Firstly, Steve Hoven at Lazy Trading is selling software that will help you if you are interested in trading on the FOREX markets and specifically with a BetonMarkets account. Steve has used this programme since 2005 and has had great success with it. The idea of the software is to identify good trades on specific currency pairs. All you do is tick a currency pair on the programme interface and it will check whether there is good trading opportunity available. When you buy the Lazy Trading package for only $97 it comes with an ebook that explains exactly how and when to use the programme. Note however that Steve is only making this available until 16th October.

Next I would recommend you having a good look at giblink as it is causing quite a stir. It launches officially on 15 October and already has approaching 20,000 paid members signed up. The whole rationale behind giblink is based on the premise that it won't matter when you actually join as the cycle system will ensure that everyone earns money. Now, I must admit that when you visit the forum there are many people trying to second-guess how the cycling will be done and when you will get paid. Personally I find this somewhat of a waste of time and effort. Tomorrow we will know more and we are promised that the back office will show you how you are cycling so I'm happy to wait until then. If giblink sounds interesting there are several recorded teleconferences that you can listen to and I would recommend that you spend some time doing this. It costs either $50 or $150 to join (with the $150 pro membership it can be fully passive).

Finally as I posted late last week John over at the Secure Your Future forum has given details of the latest venture he is offering to members. The programme is Wealthtekk and John is creating a unique way for people to become involved as he will be managing the 2x2 matrices that you can join. By having control over where people are placed John is in effect ensuring that members of his forum are able to make money quickly. It's still very early days so there is plenty of opportunity for you to take part even if you are not currently a member. Just head over to the Secure Your Future forum and follow the detailed instructions to join up. This will then give you the opportunity to learn more about Wealthtekk and the many other programmes featured at Secure Your Future
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