Two opportunities with a limited timeline...

Those readers who have followed my blog for a while will realise that I haven't posted in a long time except for the post a couple of days ago. I won't bore anyone with the reasons why just suffice to say that I wanted to take stock and focus on where I believed I had more control over any money I invested.

The result was that I've been getting to know a lot more about the FOREX market and researching ways that I could make some money there. I have to admit that this is like many other areas where much is promised but generally, in my case, reality hasn't validated the hype.

Having said that there are two systems that I do have some faith in and both are having special offers for a very limited time.

The first is the Ultimate FX Predictor from Keith Cotterill. This is a very well supported tool and comes with a high degree of credibility. I use it myself and have had some good success. One thing that has put people off buying this has always been the price (around £2000+) so not something that you could decide on as a whim (at least I couldn't). Thanks to some helpful credit card deals I was able to purchase and have been very pleased with the product so far. Also, Keith does daily videos where he provides an overview of the days trading and ways to use the tool more effectively.

If this sort of thing sounds like something you'd be interested in then I have some good news. The publisher of the system is offering a deal whereby rather than paying the full cost immediately you can spread it over 3 equal monthly payments of £649 + VAT. So, you can try the service at a reduced cost safe in the knowledge that it comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee if it doesn't meet your needs. You will have to hurry though as this offer ends on 30 November. I should also mention that if you continue with the service you will have to make monthly payments to a forex market feed service that provides the relevant data for the system. This is not that clearly spelled out on the offer page so please be aware.

If this is of interest I'd also recommend that you look at the way in which Graham Laurie of Cash Master has the system set up as he has earned some £30,000 over the last 6 months of using the system (and all tax free don't forget).

The other offer is again time limited but at a much more affordable level. This was released just earlier this week and has been very popular so the publishers are raising the price from Monday 01 December.

With FAP Turbo you can pretty much set and forget as it sits in the background executing trades on your behalf. If you look on the internet you will see many such tools advertised that claim to do the same sort of thing but many don't work that well. With FAP Turbo you are able to follow live trades as they happen so you aren't relying on backtests that can be manipulated. The cost of this is just $97 (until Monday that is) and there is nothing else to pay unless you opt for the virtual hosting solution where everything is handled remotely for you and you don't need to keep your computer running for most of the week. As I said this is very new and whilst I've tested it over the last few days (on a demo account) it has shown a good profit. Again, there is a full money back guarantee, this time for 56 days as it is marketed by Clickbank.

You will need to open an account with a FOREX broker but there are several recommendations made once you've purchased the system. As a matter of fact if you open an account with Forex Meta now they will give you a $100 straight away and you don't have to put any money in yourself. Again, this is a limited offer so I'm not sure how long it's going to be around.
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