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Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Finance Manifesto

As 2014 comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on various books, presentations, research, tools and solutions, software and applications that I’ve been involved with and organizations I’ve been consulting to over the years. I’ve always found reflecting on the past to be useful in helping me better understand nuances in my values. In this post, I want to share my thoughts on design values related to behavioral economics and behavioral finance (which going-forward in this post I’ll simply refer to as behavioral science for brevity).

Emergence of Formal Behavioral Insights Teams and Initiatives

I recently ran into a short video by the New South Wales government which does a great job of introducing the notion of behavioral insights and application in the governmental space. Although still early, behavioral insights and the application of behavioral economics principles have been going global in the public policy space.

Integrating Behavioral Economics and Consulting

Over the past few years, I have been involved with a number of projects that utilize behavioral economics principles to improve outcomes or change people’s behavior. Since this blog has a long history covering management consulting, I thought I would share some thoughts on integrating behavioral economics into the practice of consulting.

Credit score – Why does it go up and down throughout the year?

Credit score fluctuations are a normal phenomenon and there is nothing to worry about. Credit score can change from day to day and bureau to bureau. So, next time you see a change in your score, don’t get flustered and start panicking. Credit score can go up and down for various reasons. Several factors affect [...]

Introducing consumer survey on service and website

It has been a constant effort on the part of Oak View Law Group (OVLG) to deliver the best to its audience and clients. We constantly work towards positive changes.We seek your honest opinion. Oak View Law Group is proud to introduce its “Feedback” section! This is just a click away to the left of [...]

Shining light on the 341 Meeting of Creditors

The 341 Meeting of Creditors is an intricate part of the bankruptcy process. If you are planning to file bankruptcy, read along to know what happens at the so-called 'meeting of creditors'.

OVLG Giveaway Contest – Participate and grab your iPad Air

OVLG has come up with a new and interesting contest for the people. It’s called the OVLG iPad Giveaway wherein you get a chance to win an iPad Air. Rules of the contest The rules are pretty simple and easy. All you need to do is to follow a few rules: Post a comment on [...]

Shop and have a gala celebration on this Easter – 5 Last-minute budget friendly tips

Holidays bring a smile on your face since this is the time to celebrate. With less than a few days to go, it’s high time for Easter shopping. It is expected that people will spend almost $2.26 billion on Easter candy in 2014. Now, that’s a lot of money and it’s a pity to spend [...]

Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge: What liens can it quash and how

Bankruptcy can discharge you of your obligation to payback a secured loan. However, if a creditor puts a lien on your property, then it’ll survive your Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge, provided you’ve not returned the concerned property to the concerned creditor. What do you mean by a lien? Lien is created by a creditor or [...]

How to avoid overspending and debt with the right spending style

Your spending style determines if you’ll be in debt. Right spending style will help you save money and avoid credit crunch in 2014. It will help you achieve your financial dreams and aspirations. On the other hand, wrong spending style will just pave the path to bankruptcy. Read along to know about the 5 spending [...]

OVLG launches Credit Repair and Stay Violation Protection services

Oak View Law Group (OVLG) recently launched two new services aiming consumers, who are trying to regain their financial foothold. With more than 6 years of industry experience, OVLG is proud to announce the new Credit Repair service and Stay Violation Protection, as it continues to help people with their credit and debt problems. Starting [...]