2000 and still going...

Some while ago now I featured one of the daily newsletters I get, namely Early To Rise and it has reached a significant milestone so I felt that the time was right to mention it again. I originally came across it when I was looking to find a home study course I could do whilst working abroad. The course I chose was a copywriting one that is marketed by Agora Publishing with the course editor being Michael Masterson.

Why I subscribed to Early To Rise is lost in the grey mists of time but I've never regretted the decision. The reason they are celebrating is the fact that they are publishing their 2,000th edition imminently, an enviable record I think given the ebbs and flows of survival on the internet.

Each edition comes with well considered, well researched practical articles that are designed to make you healthier, wealthier and wise. As well as Michael Masterson there are a whole group of other contributors who provide rock-solid content to the readership.

Now, it shouldn't be any surprise to note that each issue contains 'opportunities' to earn, learn and improve by just purchasing the recommended Agora Publishing product but in fairness the quality is generally good and being masters at the art of direct marketing they provide money-back guarantees with all their products. And, as this is the 2,000th edition of Early To Rise you'll find good discounts on the products.

A sister publication is Investors Daily Edge which is again a newsletter that I would highly recommend if you are interested in how best to reap rewards on the markets.

The only slight downside with both the publications is that they are very US-centric so some of the money earning opportunities are not that relevant elsewhere. Having said that the information taken in a more general sense can be applied anywhere.
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