50,000 up my backside...

Unless you've been hibernating over the last month or so you can't fail to have seen that giblink has had a very successful launch. Officially launched on October 15th the programme is gradually settling down and has started to come true on the promises that were highly publicised in its early days.

When you join you purchase what are known as pods and these progress through the various levels as new pods come in behind yours. For $150 you can join at the Pro level and immediately be at an advantage. The first pod commission belongs to your sponsor but the other two belong to you so as soon as you 'launch' from one giblink level to the next you earn $50 twice.

Currently I have 50,000 pods following up behind me and each day some 500 plus join that line. There is not enough space in a post like this to explain just how giblink works but they have demonstrated that the whole programme works and if you go to the forum you will find many posts that clearly show payments being made and members receiving that money in their bank accounts.

One of the ways in which this programme promises longevity is the requirement to re-purchase pods every 90 days. For a lot of people this will be achieved by earnings made through the programme itself so in many ways this is a very attractive option for people who want a passive income that has great potential.
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