All that glitters is gold?

Here in the UK we are suffering badly in terms of our currency heading south against both the US$ and the Euro. Headlines are proclaiming that the value of the Pound has plummeted some 25% in the last few months and we ain't at the bottom yet.

There is speculation that as we are near parity with the Euro that it won't be too long before the government 'suggests' we join the currency to help resolve the problem. In essence the UK public seem to be being manipulated into a position that the government want to reach so that we'll capitulate and join the other members in Europe. Personally I always felt that the UK would join the Euro at some stage anyway, so keep your eyes open for further news.

So, our currency is weak and the plans to borrow money as a way of resolving our financial problems is beginning to receive criticism from other countries. In essence trying to get a good return on our money is not looking good.

However, there is a glimmer of The value of this precious metal has done pretty well over the last few years and the current global economic crises has only strengthened the outlook further. Currently trading at around $850 an ounce some commentators see it heading to between $1000 and $1200 an ounce in the first quarter of 2009. Now nothing is guaranteed in this life but holding some of your assets in gold is not a bad thing.

Ordinarily, personally owning gold would be fairly difficult but this has now changed as a company called BulionVault make buying and selling gold very easy. Personally I put a monthly deposit in my account by direct debit from my bank. The whole process is painless and very secure as BullionVault recognise that this is someone's hard earned they are looking after.

Earlier in the year I was contacted by Adrian Ash of BullionVault to see if I would be prepared to talk to a couple of journalists about how and why I invest in gold as it was a hot topic at the time. Anticipating global celebrity status I agreed and did discuss things with the journalists (one from the Daily Mail and one from the Observer). Unfortunately my situation didn't match the 'angle' they were coming from so my status won't be global just yet.

Anyway, more importantly if you are looking for an alternative way to protect some of your wealth I'd recommend that you take a close look at gold as a very viable option.
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