AutoXTen now has Pay It Forward in the back office…

My wife and youngest daughter have headed off to the cinema for the evening (they’re off to see Bridesmaids, didn’t fancy it myself) so I’m just catching up on the latest news from AutoXTen.

In an earlier post I suggested that one way you might want to come on board was by allowing me to Pay It Forward for you on the understanding that you would do the same for others. You’ll find that post here.

Well, guess what, AutoXTen have now introduced this facility in the back office for members. They are calling them X-Codes and you can choose what level you want to purchase. So, you can start with the simplest package that allows you to invite someone in at the $10 level (the X-Code is $11 for each one you purchase at this level). If you want to take it to the highest level then what about the top of the range where you get the full upgrade pack on the first phase plus the first months subscription to Freedom Plus. This would be $170 in total if self funding and the X-Code is just $10 more at $180.

I’m sure you know someone who would be willing to take a punt on AutoXTen if they knew it wouldn’t cost them a penny don’t you?

The X-Code feature will be a major marketing tool as the company expands and earnings begin to roll in. Just think how easy it would be for you to help someone you know in need. And don’t forget this means the person who receives the X-Code doesn’t need an Alertpay account straightaway but they do secure a place in the matrix.

My previous offer posted here is still open and now there is an alternative through AutoXTen itself. There really is no better time to try this completely risk free.

PS They ask that if you want to purchase more than 1,000 X-Codes that you contact the help desk. Now that is way too hot for me but I bet some people will be sending off a support ticket as soon as they read about it (way to go)

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