BullionVault steady as a rock…

When I checked my website logs recently I noticed quite a few queries on the stability of BullionVault. This both surprised and unnerved me and I wanted to find out why people were having some doubts.

Ever since I joined BullionVault in 2007 I have always been highly impressed by the whole set up. The website is always rock solid, security is very good and my account details are easy to access.

With all these questions I was expecting problems not only in accessing my account but also perhaps discovering that the website itself had disappeared.

Luckily, all my doubts turned out to be ill founded. The site is still as robust as ever.

Given that the price of both gold and silver is still climbing it’s somforting to know that BullionVault is still working well.

If you haven’t yet made any investment in gold (or silver) then BullionVault is really a very affordable and straightforward way to buy it.

All purchases are kept in licensed vaults, you have the choice of London, Zurich or New York. The prices are very competitive and the good thing is that you can buy as little or as much as you want.

Both deposits and withdrawals are very easy as you can transfer directly to and from your bank (at least in the UK).

There are some charges for storage but they really are very reasonable. So, if you’ve ever wanted to invest in gold but felt it was not for you visit BullionVault now to find out more.

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