CEP Closing Today...

Well it's 01 March and Colon End Parenthesis (CEP) are beginning to push that door closed to new members as I write. If you're lucky you will just make it.
I appreciated a comment from Hema of the Make Your Money Grow blog who warned me to be careful in putting money with CEP as they felt that the return of 2% a day is unsustainable. The way I look at this is that I've been burnt badly in the past and so I fully appreciate that a program like this does carry risk.

In fact I was somewhat disturbed to read at the CEP Forum that a prospective member was asking whether they should take out a loan to invest in the program. From the rest of their post it was clear that they had very little money available to them and they thought that this would be a way to solve all their problems.
In this sort of situation I would definitely advise against anyone in taking such a course of action. It doesn't matter a jot how honest a program admin might be as in many cases programs have run into serious trouble due to external problems. It has to be realised that any online program carries a higher degree of risk than many main stream bank deposits for example.
The higher risk does bring with it the potential for higher reward but no-one can forsee the future, so whilst it's probably boring to read it again it is imperative that if you are considering an online investment you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. So, don't risk the rent money, the mortgage payment, money for food, money for your children or any other essential payments that you need to make to stay solvent.
I have invested with CEP and I strongly recommend that you do too but only with what you can realistically afford. And, if you're not quick the temptation will be gone anyway...so perhaps it won't matter!
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