Consolidation day again

Today was pretty much another consolidation day as far as I’m concerned.They took them up right out of the gate and that was it as resistance was met on each feeble attempt to go up further.I was out yesterday and had no time to post,I’ll try and play catch up this weekend with some new charts.Right now it looks like there is a bit of a trading range going on so tread carefully going into Friday. I got chopped to pieces today trying to anticipate further upside,my own lack of discipline was at fault.I’m not making any calls either way at this point,but I’ll be watching the 12300 area for resistance and the 12190 area for support at the moment.There was some pretty good selling pressure today,but the market did hold on to a good part of it’s gain,so I’ll wait for it to tip it’s hat on which way the next major move will be.

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