Ecurrency disruption

In the last day or so I received an email from GoldClaim advising me that I could now gain access to their member forum. As I'd applied for access some time ago I hurried on over to see what I'd been missing. Unfortunately the first post I read was not encouraging.

Some members were posting that they were expecting some of their investments to mature imminently but when they checked on the site their maturity dates had been extended by 120 days and there was no explanation as to why.

Returning to the forum again this morning I was pleased to see a post from the GoldClaim admin with a program update as I hoped this would provide some information on what the current situation is.
It appears that the program is having problems with banks taking extended periods to deal with online currency providers, hence delaying transactions considerably. As I've mentioned in previous posts it doesn't matter how honest any particular admin is there are forces outside of their control that can adversely effect their operations and this seems to be a classic example.

So, the GoldClaim admin has made the decision to shutdown operations for 120 days so that alternative funding options can be investigated. Updates will be provided each month and it is hoped that a resolution can be found within the 120 day period. As an investor all we can do is wait and see what happens. I have to admit online investing carries a whole lot of challenges with it and it is not for the faint hearted.

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