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When you purchase a copy of FAP Turbo you will be able to access their recently opened forum. When I checked earlier today there were only 27 copies of the system left at $149. Once they are gone the price increases to $399 so well worth acting now before the price shoots up.

Before I say any more about the forum I just wanted to provide a short explanation as to what FAP Turbo actually is as reading the posts on the forum it seems people are finding it difficult to operate.

The software is what's known as an Expert Adviser (EA) for FOREX. So, the creators of FAP Turbo sat down and wrote a utility that once installed makes all the decisions on when to enter and exit a selected FOREX trade. There are two modes of working, firstly scalping where the idea is to take advantage of short moves in value (effectively a short term trading strategy) and a long term trading strategy. From reports I've read and my own experience the long term strategy is not working too well at the moment so is best left alone. The scalping strategy, however, is working well.

You use the EA by 'attaching' it to a programme known as Meta Trader which is available from all recognised brokers. The FAP Turbo site provides a host of videos that you can watch that will explain how best to install the EA and get it running. The great thing of course is that once everything is up and running then you can let it work it's magic while you do other things. As mentioned in previous posts it's best if you also obtain a Virtual Private Server (VPS) account where you can set up everything and leave it running without any further worry on your part. The recommended VPS provider is clearly snowed under and is not performing at all so I have taken the decision to cancel my account and look elsewhere.

Getting back to the forum it's clear that some people are still struggling with getting things to work. To be fair to the guys at FAP Turbo they do recognise that there are problems and have asked anyone who could help as forum moderators to let them know. Unfortunately, of course, this doesn't help those that are getting frustrated by not having answers to their questions.

On one level it should be borne in mind that if you are not having problems you wouldn't necessarily post on the forum but even so from a reputational point of view the slow response will not win any plaudits. Hopefully things will improve over the next few days and focus can be put on the performance of the tool.

I'm still using a demo account as I cocked up funding an account with FXPro so it will be a few days before I get that sorted out, but once done I'm looking forward to seeing the system in action.
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