FOREX Auto Scalper released...100 copies free

If, like me, you have been interested in making money online for some time you will find yourself receiving emails about opportunities from people you won't have heard of. An example of this happened to me just recently.

I received an email from Martin Alexander who was offering for free a copy of a FOREX Expert Advisor (EA) that he has named Auto Scalper. Now, I'm fairly cautious about random offers but there was something about this that peaked my interest, especially as I'd been using FAP Turbo recently.

Given that there was no charge for this and that it works on a different currency pair than FAP Turbo I decided to see how it performs.

As there are only 100 copies available for free I acted quickly and following the instructions soon had the EA installed on a demo FOREX account. It works with EURUSD so trading times are good for me.

Whilst the EA is termed as a scalper I found that the target profit is set at 70 pips and the Stop Loss at 96 which I feel is not quite what traditional scalping is about. However, undaunted I let it run and as always seems to be the way with these things my first trade was a loser.

Now, I am fast becoming aware that this is not necessarily a disaster as any system will have good and bad trades. Since that first trade I have had two trades with full 70 pip profits each and one trade that gave a profit of 8.7 pips. Clearly there are some checks and balances built in to the EA that are triggered if certain criteria are met.

I will trial the FOREX Auto Scalper for the rest of the week and then decide whether to add it to my live trading account but first impressions are definitely favourable.
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