FOREX trading slow but profitable...

As readers will no doubt realise I believe FOREX trading is a great way to acquire a realistic second income. Also, as there are several ways to get involved it allows those from many backgrounds to profit.

If you are someone who likes to keep total control over the trades you make then you will be very interested in the system offered by a gentleman called George Smith. An airline pilot, George found himself at the age of 60 no longer required by his employer. Given that he was still keen to occupy his time it didn't take him too long to discover the opportunities offered by FOREX trading.

George used the skills he learnt as a pilot to create a trading strategy that matched his temperament, that is slow and steady. He trades each day with the aim to make a return of 5% of his bank. Once that is achieved (normally in less than two hours) he shuts down his PC and spends the rest of the day in other pursuits.

George thought his trading method would be useful to others and has produced a course for this purpose. It is priced at a very reasonable $77 and comes with a large number of videos that give greater detail of specific trades George makes. As this is a Clickbank product there is a no quibble 60 day money back guarantee.

I do like the product a lot but there are several things to bear in mind if you want to try it for yourself:
  1. He trades the EURUSD exclusively
  2. You need to be at your PC from 7AM to 11AM GMT (although trades may be completed before the full time span completes)
  3. He uses and recommends the OandA platform
Personally I haven't really had the time to follow things through properly as yet and it does appear to me that George is able to 'see' trades forming that only come after a fair degree of practice.

His videos are well produced and definitely worth watching as they will give you an idea of how he trades. All of the information can be found at the Forex Trading Made EZ website.
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