Global Pension Plan push to the finish...

I know that I've posted on Global Pension Plan only very recently but the programme is getting close to finishing now so the more people that hear about it the better. As I reported the number of completed documents was some 25,000 short of the required 100,000 for the programme to complete.

This has clearly spurred quite a few people on as I know that various groups are ramping up their efforts to attract new members. One way in which they are doing this is to offer benefactors for those who don't have funds of their own to join. This approach seems to be working very well as numbers are steadily increasing.

For more details on this I'd point you towards Team Mega Wealth where Estelle (one of the founders) is co-ordinating this to make it happen.

If this is the first time you've heard about Global Pension Plan then I'll give you a quick guide. For a one-off payment of €20 (about $26) you (assuming you are under 66 years of age) will be eligible to receive €55,000 (€110,000 if you are under 27). You will need to sign a Members Agreement and provide a copy of an official ID, and that's it. A new sense of urgency has been injected into the programme as it must close on 31 January no time to waste.

I'm in the process of signing up 3 new members so even I'm doing what I can. Why not join us...I know nothing in life is guaranteed but for the sake of the cost of a few beers I think you'd be hard to beat it.
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