Good news for 'Youngsters'

Some more news from Global Pension Plan today will put a smile on anyone 27 years or younger. The admin has announced that because premiums for those 27 and below is much less than anyone older they can adjust their payouts such that the 'youngsters' will now receive €110,000 (One hundred and ten thousand euros) when the membership target of 100,000 is reached.

For those, like me, who whilst feeling 21 are biologically much older the payout will remain at €55,000 (fifty five thousand euros), still a healthy return on an investment of $39.

Membership is now at 41,224 which means that the psychologically important figure of 50,000 is only weeks away given that over 1,000 new members are joining every week.

The reason that Global Pension Plan have been able to revise the payout sums is due to the fact that they are getting many younger people signed up than they originally imagined there would be. It seems like whole families are joining (as mine are) to take full advantage of this opportunity.

For a full explanation of how Global Pension Plan works I recommend you take a look at the website, for an initial outlay of just $39 it must be one of the most affordable opportunities currently out there.
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