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There is a new window of opportunity to join CEP (Colon End Parenthesis) until the 01 March 2007. And why would you want to do this I hear you ask? Well as I said in my last post the CEP family of products are very quickly getting to the situation where there is very little risk in them being able to meet their commitments to their members.

In fact CEP has reached the position where they admit to making double the amount of money each day that they need to pay to members so this is indeed a great deal for those who take the opportunity to join. You can join for free and then decide whether to upgrade. The initial investment will be to plan 1 (minimum $20), thereafter you will be able to join the other plans that are available.

Plan 1 lasts for 360 days and you receive 2% per day, the only other plan open at the moment is plan 2 which lasts for 180 days and again the return is 2% a day.

So, if you want to secure a place where your return is in safe hands then you should join CEP today. Please note that you must also have a CEP Trust account as this is the only payment processor they use. For details of each plan see the following table:

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