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Today I received the latest copy of The Money Club newsletter from Agora Publishing. The newsletter is designed to help people who want to earn a living online by providing useful articles on subjects such as goal setting, good business practice and reviews of online opportunities.

This month Ben Catt of BizOppsUK provides an in-depth review of the website PDX Factor which he reports is essentially a site selling you an e-book about making money with Public Domain material. Ben's overall impression is not very favourable as he says 'Unfortunately, the instructions contained in this manual are very simplistic'. Ben's recommendation is to avoid the system unless you already have some experience of creating e-books etc.

By the way Ben provides a great service at BizOppsUK by helping people find online opportunities that are genuine and have the potential to provide good returns so have a look at the site now.

The newsletter editor is Freddie Goodman and he challenges his readers to submit an action plan of what they intend to do to reach their goals. His aim is to help the reader achieve their money targets but as he rightly says this won't happen unless people take action. We shall have to see what sort of response he gets.

The other main contributor in this month's edition is Stuart Goldsmith. Now, he could certainly not be accused of avoiding the issues, his article lays out the fact that to really be financially free you will need £3 Milllion Pounds, the first so you don't need a job, the second to squander on silly toys and the third for starting to fulfill your real dreams...all good stuff.

If this sort of information sounds like something you'd be interested in then send a mail to MoneyTree for further information

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