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I've mentioned previously that you can blog for money at PayPerPost. When I checked back there again today I see that they have a posting opportunity for $1000 which is very tempting indeed. Unfortunately my blog hasn't quite reached the dizzy heights needed for me to take advantage of this opportunity just yet, so please tell all your friends about my blog and you never know one day I'll be heading over to PayPerPost myself for just such an opportunity.

Now, whilst headline sums like this (and there are more believe me) look very attractive there's no reason why bloggers like myself aren't able to make some money for somewhat lesser amounts. If you head over to the home page you'll notice that several people have already earnt several thousands of dollars by taking part.

In my particular circumstances I have decided to select opportunities that align with the type of information that I cover in my blog so opportunities may be less frequent, that's a personal choice that I am happy to make. If you have a more general blog then there may be opportunities that you feel able to take. Whatever you decide I'm happy to recommend PayPerPost as a good way to make your blog pay it's way somewhat, why don't you give it a try.

If you don't already have a PayPerPost account by clicking on the link to make a comment on this post you will already be on your way to making $7.50, now that's not so difficult is it?

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