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David MacGregor is a man on a mission. Having made a successful life for himself with an online business he always felt that for the vast majority of people there were too many barriers to success.

Being a determined individual he decided to try and find a business that was accessible to a much wider range of people. He set out the factors that he felt were necessary for someone to succeed. It had to be online and usable from any country in the world, costs should be reasonable but returns should be high. There should be an economical way to source customers as this was the one secret that he felt was missing in virtually all business offers he had found up until that time.

Initially he looked at network marketing but soon found out that the emphasis on returns versus the quality of the product on offer was always a big hurdle to overcome.

He looked at Affiliate marketing and whilst the potential returns were good the need for continuous and effective marketing meant that many people would fail as they would not have the necessary skills.

As mentioned the acquisition of customers, who would not only make one purchase but continue to do so, was the key element that David considered a crucial factor.

Personally he had been successful despite some of these limitations but still yearned to find a more consistent way to earn.

Having spent considerable time and effort on his quest he now feels confident that he has found what he was looking for. He has written a short report that describes his search, why specific business models don’t work but more importantly introduces a business that he feels overcomes many of the issues he found, especially customer acquisition.

The business is in health products which as baby boomers age will become increasingly important. Having said that he was looking for a business with low start up costs he does make the point that a significant amount of working capital would make things easier to manage and provide profit more quickly but there are alternative routes that whilst requiring less working capital could still provide a good return but over a longer timeframe.

If this sounds of interest I’d recommend that you head over and read his report. Personally I find the website a little ‘bizopp tacky’ but by clicking on the report download button you are able to read it without providing any more details. If the initial information is of interest you would need to provide more details for the full lowdown.   

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