MBNA Fine Card Holders in Credit

MBNA has found another way to bleed customers dry by charging them for having a positive balance on their credit card. This is an absolute disgrace as it is a common occurance when customers set up standing orders for set a amounts.

They are handing out £10 fines to people who overpay, informing them in a letter and giving them the choice of how to rectify the situation - transfer the credit to an account, spend it on the card or give it to charity. Are the £10 fines going to charity?

I can see MBNA coming under huge pressure to refund these charges as in reality they are fining people for paying bills on time. It’s another case of Honest Joe Public footing the bill rather than a strategic business solution being put in place. Oh we have £2bn in bad debts what shall we do? Stop lending to all and sundry? Nah, lets just charge our customers who pay on time and therefore don’t generate us any revenue at the moment.

MBNA have justified it by explaining the charges help protect peoples money but that doesn’t really make much sense does it? It’s blatantly a case of making revenue where there was no revenue before - it probably sounded like a great idea in the last board meeting…

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