My FAP Turbo goes live...

After some frustrations I have finally got my live account working with FAP Turbo, so now we will see what the real deal is. Checking on the forum I must admit that there are some mixed opinions about just what FAP Turbo can actually deliver.

Some people are really happy and seem to be making regular profits whereas others are less positive and essentially bitching about a whole bunch of things. From my own personal experience I can see where some of the frustration is coming from as it seems that the sheer volume of people with FAP Turbo has overwhelmed the support in place for it. Unfortunately this seems to happen with a lot of online ventures giving me the impression that they don't even believe their own hype and when they suddenly find a whole lot of people using their product the systems for support aren't there.

Anyway, I'm going to see how things develop. I'm starting with $500 and trading just on EURGBP and EURCHF as these seem to be the currency pairs that provide the less volatile returns.

I'll post regular updates to show what progress is being made as a way of helping people make their own mind up about whether it is worth the money. Talking of money just a quick reminder to say that the price rises pretty soon from $149 to $399. As there is a full 56 day no quibble refund policy I'd recommend buying at this price and then if things don't work out you can always get your money back.

Just as a note I've decided to run on my own pc for the time being and will look at a Virtual Private Server (VPS) service if results seem to be positive for the long term.
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