One month from the off...

Just one month ago GIBLink went live and since then they have been consolidating their business model and clarifying to their members just how the business works. As expected there was a rapid increase in membership (Advertisers in GIBLink speak) when things went live and as normal in a business like this the growth slowed as time went by as those sitting in the sidelines wait to see just what sort of money can be made.

There have been challenges in the period, perhaps the biggest being the payment method adopted. This took some time to integrate and there were concerns and grumbles along the way. As time has gone by however things have improved and things are more stable now.

The other main area that GIBLink was somewhat exposed was in the explanation of just how the Gibline revenue sharing programme would work. Many people on the forums tried to second guess how the pods move through the system and hence how people would be paid. As it turns out this was somewhat of a waste of time and energy as rather than being a mathematical conundrum the solution lies more in creating revenue through the various aspects that the company has to offer. To help Advertisers understand just how things work GIBLink are producing a document that will be available in back offices from today.

Also, Ron Snodgrass, the President of the company explains in a short video about the various ways to earn in the programme so they are certainly trying to inform people of just what to expect and how they can help themselves and others to earn.

The next stage is to open GIBLink to free members on the basis that this will provide wider exposure for existing Advertisers and hopefully encourage the non-paying members to join as fully paid up Advertisers.

Personally I am glad to see that the company provide good communications and that they are open and honest about how the programme works. With the latest information being provided I think there is a good chance that more and more people will understand how to achieve success.

Shortly some of the first members will reach the 3 month point where they have to pay their next set of fees, once this begins those who are waiting on the sidelines should see that this is a worthwhile opportunity that has long term potential.
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