Online Poker Winnings where you can't flop...

The growth of online poker has been something of a phenomenon over the last few years. In fact it has brought poker into the main stream with high value tournaments being aired on many TV channels and the players featured as up and coming stars.

If you've ever wanted to jump on the bandwagon yourself there are many resources out there that will claim to teach you all you need to know in a short amount of time. A while back I visited one of the online poker rooms and decided that it wasn't really for me as even the relatively low value tables moved pretty quickly. So, even though I wasn't tempted I did see on the television a few days back a tournament being broadcast where one of the players from Brighton had qualified purely through playing online , so it can be done.

For me however, there is a better way to profit from online poker and that's with Investment96. This is an opportunity that you can join where you share in the profits from online poker. The owner of the site, Richard O'Neill, provides a lot of information about how everything works and what happens if you decide to invest.

I especially appreciated the post where he explained his strategy for achieving the returns and also what the limitations might be in the future. Another good thing is that he publishes his results daily and updates your running total so it is easy to keep an eye on how things are progressing. As he explains Investment96 is designed to help you reduce the risk of loss but at the same time earn a good rate of return by compounding. Richard also advises people to recoup their initial investment as quickly as possible as then you are earning completely risk free.

When I first made a deposit they were having some problems with their hosting service and my money wasn't shown in the daily accounts. Shooting off an email to Richard resulted in a quick response and the error being corrected quickly.

Investment96 is providing good returns on a regular basis but as with all the online investments featured in my blog you should always do some personal due diligence before parting with any cash. You could always visit the site on a regular basis to see what returns are being reported before committing any money. This way you will know how things work and what to expect. The minimum deposit is $20 and the maximum $200,000 so there's scope for all to take part. Deposits are accepted via Bank Wire, Western Union, e-bullion, Web Money and e-gold.

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