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Some while back I joined a blog payment site called Pay Per Post that provides opportunities for bloggers and advertisers to come together. The idea is that the advertiser would submit 'opportunities' for the blogger to write a post on. Each opportunity is detailed in respect of the type of post required, how long it should be and what the payment is. When you accept an opportunity to post on the entry will be reviewed by Pay Per Post and as long as it meets the criteria you get paid.

When I first joined I found about 5 opportunities that had some relation to the type of information I write about on my blog so completed some posts and duly got paid.

As time has gone by the Pay Per Post site has been improved and is now becoming the market leader in this type of service. One of the enhancements introduced is to colour code the opportunities in such a way that any shown as red would not be available to you as a blogger based primarily on the page ranking of your particular blog.

Another enhancement which is of much more interest to me is where you can now get paid for commenting on posts on other people's blogs. So, assuming a blog you visit is subscribed to the scheme you can earn $7.50 for each comment (again some form of moderation will probably be done). I should point out that you need to have your own blog before you can partake in the offer but it seems to me that this is an excellent incentive to increase linkages between blogs and I will be using the service myself from now on. The good thing is that the comments do not necessarily have to be about any specific Pay Per Post offering.

My earnings from Pay Per Post have been miniscule to date but many people have earnt thousands of dollars so there is definitely potential here for anyone who blogs on a regular basis.

So if you are looking to generate traffic then this is a great tool.

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