Rumour mill starts here...

On most of the blogs that you read you will probably find a reference somewhere to PayPerPost as a way of making your blog pay for it's way. The idea behind the venture is simply to bring together companies who wish to advertise online with the hordes of blog users that are out there. By offering a financial incentive PayPerPost and their advertisers create a lot of exposure for the particular product or service.

Now, the site is looking at further ways to help advertisers with online advertising but as yet aren't telling us how they will achieve it. So why don't I speculate and see what they might come up with.

Firstly, the thing that springs to mind is video posts, rather than just write about something why not get bloggers to put their heads in the frame (sic) by creating a short video (as they say pictures are worth a 1000 words).

Perhaps that's too obvious as others are doing it and I don't think PayPerPost can be accused of following the herd. So what else might they do?

What about running the next US election via PayPerPost such that the future of the developed world is dependent on the blogging community? Sounds good to me. How would it work? Well clearly each of the major parties would have to pay bloggers mucho dosh for saying how great they would be at running the country. The voters would then be asked on which blog they read the post that swayed them to vote the way they did.

One thing they might do is give some help to those blogs that are struggling to get a decent page rank rating in Google and Alexa. So they could be planning to start their own ranking service based on blogs alone rather than taking into account every other website out there.

Whatever the answer I'm certain PayPerPost won't disappoint us!

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