Surely - SURELY - the Top is In for Calgary!



We have to be approaching a top for Calgary.  I have no doubt about it.  Evidence?  Consider this.

  • Housing prices that make London/New York/Tokyo blush, in a city where the natural boundaries to  urban expansion are - nothing!
  • The last two Stanley Cups finals featured teams from Alberta - including the Calgary Flames!  Canadians long ago accepted that Canadian teams no longer have any place in the Stanley Cup finals as their beloved national sport has been wrested away by American monied interests.  No, instead, Lord Stanley's gift to the game is the rightful preserve of teams from hockey hotbeds such as sun-drenched Florida, NASCAR-central Carolinas, the swamps of the Meadowlands and the home of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. This uppity presence of teams from Alberta contesting for the Stanley Cup represents the height hubris in North American sport today, one that certainly cannot last!
  • The Prime Minister of Canada is from Calgary.  It is an unwritten rule that the Prime Minister of Canada must always be from Quebec.  In my lifetime, there have only been three Prime Ministers of consequence, and they all came from Quebec - Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien.  Oh, sure, Quebeckers allow anglophone Prime Ministers, but they can't hold office for more than a year - think Joe Clark, John Turner, Kim Campbell - unless they move to Quebec and take up residence for three decades - think Paul Martin - but even then, their tenure is required to be short.  Today, the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is from Calgary, upsetting the astronomical alignment of Canadian politics. However, since Harper heads the smallest minority government in decades, he may not last long.  (But even then, Harper was born in Quebec!)
  • A local son becomes famous for being at the centre of the highest profile financial debacle in nearly a decade by causing the collapse of a multi-billion hedge fund, and then convinces dumb money to pony up nearly a billion dollars for a new hedge fund despite his incompetence, leading to a plugged-in web site satirizing high finance based in New York City to speculate that the moniker of the new fund is named after the best stripper in Calgary.
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