Taking a Shortcut to Business success...

Having spent considerable time and energy (and money!) on seeking out what I hoped would be profitable sources of additional income it should come as no surprise that I've subscribed to several free newsletters that aim to help.

I'll introduce the ones that I feel are worthy of subscribing to over the coming months and will start with the first one today.

I especially liked the headline for the latest edition of the Shortcut Bulletin as it was "Why the heck didn't you tell me?". In the newsletter the author went on to explain about how he'd heard some music he liked only to find out that a friend already knew about it hence the "Why the heck...". The point he was making of course was that one of the best ways of getting into business was not to hold back on ideas you have but to tell people about them so that they may benefit as well.

Ordinarily I'd agree with this and the example given in the newsletter was perfectly valid but when it comes to investing online then I would suggest more caution. There are many anecdotes published where people have tried to encourage friends or family to join them in a particular online venture only to be told that it's obviously a scam and to keep well away. This suggests to me that people have closed minds and are unwilling to take any risk, however low the cost, to seek a better future.

Personally, I don't share any recommendations with people I know. If asked I would explain but I won't just offer the advice without prompting.

So, the way I do it is to publish this blog as I feel if people are interested they will look for themselves and I can present information that may or may not be of interest. There is no awkwardness involved and I feel that I'm providing something of value.

This I'm sure is very much how the newsletter authors feel and in many cases they do offer some good advice. In the case of the Shortcut Bulletin you receive regular emails putting forward interesting topics concerning potential business opportunities. As it is part of a publishing house stable there are quite a few ads enticing you to try this and that opportunity but they are not in your face so I think that is acceptable.

Don't get me wrong these publications are out to persuade you to buy something but if you act sensibly then they can be a good source of opportunity.

As we look forward to the start of a New Year I'd recommend that if you are serious about finding additional sources of income that you subscribe to some of the newsletters that I will be showcasing over the coming months. And, the Shortcut Bulletin is a good one to start with.
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