The wait goes on...

The wait still continues for issue of the first bonus pool cheques (checks) from Shop Right and reading the latest news there is not an exact date when mailing will start. Alex Jakubowski, the Shop Right founder has said that whilst this first payment is taking longer than anyone had hoped he is confident that subsequent payouts will be on the regular 60 day cycle.

Having heard Alex on some calls I'm sure he is someone of integrity and will try to make sure that his assurances are kept, only time will tell.

One thing that is providing some comfort is the fact that membership renewals ($149 per member) will not be levied until three bonus payments have been made. At least we now know that Shop Right have a vested interest in keeping their members happy as if they don't perform (and every member will have their own perception of what performance is acceptable to them) then they don't receive any income as members elect not to renew.

The main thrust of the program in the recent past has been encouraging people to join so that they can be in a position to afford their own house by taking advantage of the Shop Right system. I don't have any firm data on what they take-up on this service has been so it's somewhat difficult to gauge what the long term potential is. In theory the product is good, especially in a country where land is available to build.

One thing that the company is very active in is holding training/marketing calls to introduce the opportunity to prospective members and to help new members become better at marketing the program in general. I joined one of the spin-off services but for whatever reason the service never performed as I'd been led to believe. This may not be the case for everybody so I would still give a qualified recommendation to check out the Shop Right offering as a potential investment.
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