Time slipping away...

Time seems to be flashing past at the moment. I just wanted to remind people that Colon End Parenthesis (CEP) closes it's doors to new members on February 28th (less than a week away!). Just to remind people the site pays 2% a day on two plans. Plan 1 lasts for 365 days with a minimum deposit of $20 and Plan 2 lasts for 180 days, again minimum initial investment is $20.

You need to join Plan 1 before you will be allowed to join Plan 2 but once a member further upgrades can be purchased for $5 each.

One thing you must remember is that payments can only be made through a CEP Trust account but this is not difficult to set up. As I mentioned in the latest news section CEP Trust are now only charging 1 cent for transfers from E-gold for the foreseeable future so you don't have much of a penalty when bringing funds across. The company has also decided to waive fees on cheques (or checks if you talk US) from today until the 15th March so another way of funding at minimal cost.

If you want to learn more about the plan then take a look at the CEP Forum where you will find much healthy debate and useful information.


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