Trusting Imperia Invest...

One of the early programmes I joined online was Imperia Invest. They market what are known as Traded Endowment Policies (TEP) and have the potential to provide a high return. For a fee of $50 you were eligible to take part and then the admins would create accounts for you where they would trade on your behalf.

Each policy was valid for 6 months and after this time the return would be frozen until the programme pays out.

It took a fair amount of time for the organisers to get everyone to send in the necessary Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation but recently that was completed.

Yesterday members were advised that the trust agreement was available for download. Once all of these are signed and returned the process of payout can commence.

Whilst we're not over the final hurdle yet i.e. getting the funds available to us, it does appear that positive progress is being made. In terms of when payouts will actually be made it is difficult to tell and I'll leave others to speculate but hopefully this will be one of the first online programmes in this vein to pay out which will give some reassurance that others will follow behind soon after.

If you are an existing member of Imperia Invest and weren't aware that the agreement is available for download then please go here. Alternatively, it is available in your back office.
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