Upgraded data feed for FX Predictor

The Ultimate FX Predictor is designed to provide users with a tool to help decide when to enter a FOREX trade. In essence the idea is to remove any emotion in the decision for the trader such that they act on the signals given by the software.

Yesterday users were advised that a new data feed source is being introduced to the service. So, from yesterday it is possible to use the data feed from FXCM on the service. This will replace the Tullett feed that will end on January 01 2009.

The developer of the Ultimate FX Predictor, Keith Cotterill, has welcomed this change as he believes that the FXCM feed will provide faster updates to the software and it also offers data on a wider spread of currency pairs.

I've been using the Ultimate FX Pedictor for a while and whilst the software is working well I'm struggling more with my trading approach in relation to coming out too soon when looking for profit. My downside is more controlled as I'm using a stop loss approach that I'm happy with. On the other hand when the trade moves into profit I'm tending to come out too soon.

As I reported in an earlier post I'm using the settings advised by Graham Laurie of Cash Master (he made two successful trades today, on the new FXCM feeds, giving a return of over £2,000 at £10 a pip) as I feel these offer potential for good profits so I'll keep plugging away until I can capitalise properly on the signals I get.

Please note that the Ultimate FX Predictor is not cheap at a price of over £2,000, however it does offer potential for a serious income. Also, Keith has a good system of support in place and he is always working to improve both the tool and the information he gives to the members so in the longer term I'm of the opinion that there is definitely value for money here. Don't forget that once you have bought the software you will also have to pay a monthly fee of $80 for the data feed.
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