Will Thirty Dollar Unit payout?

I recently received an email from Tim asking whether I had been paid on the first cycle of Thirty Dollar Unit as he was not sure whether to investigate the opportunity further.

I replied that I hadn't been paid personally and was using a recommendation from John Noakes at the Secure Your Future forum as my reason for joining. I've always found that John is very level headed about online investing and does not use vacuous hype as so many others do.

When Thirty Dollar Unit was presented there was an extract from John's sponsor who confirmed that her sponsor's sponsor had been paid by certified cheque in the first cycle and was now driving around in a brand new car. Now clearly that is not sufficient due diligence to base an investment on but as we should all know it is very difficult to do any in-depth due diligence on online opportunities and we have to make personal decisions based on other things. In this case because John gave it a qualified recommendation I decided to make an investment.

If Thirty Dollar Unit is of interest ($30 for a $12,500 payout) then please send an email to 4mywealth @ safe-mail.net with TDU in the subject line and I will send you further details. Please note that payment is by Alertpay only.
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