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The Pursuit of a PhD Resembles an Apprenticeship Model, So I’ll Share Some Thoughts Along the Way

I’ve started a journey to pursue a PhD in the area of behavioral finance. I am finding that the process of learning some of the ropes for a PhD resembles that many experience in consulting. Namely, a big component of the process is learning through apprenticeship. When pursuing a PhD, one has to synthesize a lot of tacit knowledge from many sources in order to develop facility and expertise. There’s a lot of explicit knowledge documented as well. Yet one trouble is how to sort through both tacit and explicit knowledge to find the relevant, quality stuff.

Reflecting on Innovative Methods That Management Consultants Can Use to Pitch Clients

I wrote the following post in response to someone on Quora who asked me about innovative methods that management consultants use to pitch clients instead of using PowerPoint presentations.

Surprisingly, one can go a long way with Powerpoint presentations. Outside of that, to sell to clients I have used these methods in more rare to less common circumstances (generally only in cases when I was an independent consultant):

Coping With the Transition from Management Consulting to a Startup

I wrote the following post (edited slightly here) in response to someone on Quora who indicated that they were having a hard time coping with the transition from management consulting to a startup in terms of the more experimental nature of the startup world and feeling like they were not using their past skills and knowledge.

When I first left a traditional management consulting firm, I went to a startup. The modes of working are quite different. Here are some things to consider for making the transition to the startup world from consulting:

How to Become a Go-To Person Within a Consulting Firm

I was asked to answer a question about how to become a go-to person when employed within a consulting firm. Here are some thoughts based on my past experience:

Reflecting on Heuristics

I was recently asked on Quora, “Should one use heuristics at all as they are prone to cognitive biases?” What follows are my thoughts.

Reflecting on Your Consulting War Stories Builds Character

I don’t claim this to be a good war story, but it is a war story has had a deep impression on me.

Does a Person Need Passion or Expertise to Start a Consulting Firm?

Here are the situations regarding two people I know:

Lifehacks for New Management Consultants

It’s been nearly twenty years since I started management consulting. I tried to quickly reflect on lifehacks that really helped me in my first year so that other, new consultants might benefit from my learnings.

Here are a few to make your personal life better:

Implementing Behavioral Science Initiatives

Applied behavioral science is a relatively new concept within the business community. This short video is part of planned series of videos to increase awareness and improve the implementation of behavioral science initiatives in business. These videos complement material from the book, Inside Nudging: Implementing Behavioral Science Initiatives.

This video addresses predominant organization types, implementation elements, and Behavioral GRIT™.