How to Change the World

The Art of Raising Venture Capital

These videos are my recent attempt to explain the art of raising venture capital. They are part of the Montgomery & Hansen online learning site and conference. For example, to learn about financing agreements and the term-sheet process, click here.

Alltop Sticker Survey

My buddies at StickerGiant are designing Alltop stickers. StickerGiant is quite an operation: it has 24-hour delivery on custom stickers and even a sticker blog. What makes StickerGiant especially attractive it that they also fulfill orders--click here to see how it handles Laughing Squid.

Winners of World's Best Presentation Contest

These are the winners of the Slideshare World's Best Presentation Contest. Notice the use of pictures and graphics, big fonts, and minimal text. Check them out!

First Prize

A Comment on Comments

I've been using the JS-Kit widgets for comments and ratings for this blog, and I'm really happy with them. JS-Kit commenting provides very effective ways to fight and delete spam, and I love that people can create avatars for their comments. The star-rating that you see is also from the company.

The Power of Red

The Pope dons red Prada kicks, politicians break out red ties in election season and that darn Netflix package always seems to stand out in a crowd of manilla and ivory mail. Why red? Do humans have a penchant for the rainbow’s most fiery color?

YCombinator: The Art of the Open House

YCombinator is a new kind of venture capitalist that focuses on $20,000 investments to help entrepreneurs go from "idea to company." They admit two "batches" of entrepreneurs per year for a three-month period. At the end of the term, there is an open house where the companies strut their stuff to investors. YCombinator has helped over 100 startups. These are my pictures from this event a week ago.

The Five Most Important Lessons of Entrepreneurship

Over at the Sun Microsystems blog I've posted my list of the five most important lessons I've learned as an entrepreneur. #1 is "Focus on cash flow." Please check out the entire posting here.

More information for startups is also available here and more information for small business is here.

The Art of iPhone Battery Life

Some of my buddies have expressed astonishment that I get approximately thirty-six hours of standby with my iPhone, so I'm sharing my settings. Note: this is my second 3G iPhone--I returned the first one because I was getting only five hours of standby time.

Lenovo Olympic Bloggers

Check out this site where Lenovo is aggregating the blogs, tweets, pictures, and video of Olympic athletes from around the world. Lenovo provided these athletes with Ideapad laptops and video cameras and let them go at it.

How to Tell If Your Boss Is Crazy

Over at the American Express blog I explain how to tell if your boss is crazy based on the work of Mindsite to DSM-IV-TR bring to the rest of us. If you suspect that you work for a narcissistic, paranoid, obssessive-compulsive, anti-social nut case, click here to learn more.