How to Change the World

The Growth Mindset

"If You're Open to Growth, You Tend to Grow" should be required reading for managers and parents. It summarizes the work of Carol Dweck from Stanford. Key passage:

Cool Stuff Monday

A buddy of mine found three cool inventions to share with readers of my blog. These inventions can change the world and illustrate how much can be done with innovative thinking.

One Perfect Day with IGT

Storyline: Gaming company sends corporate plane to bring nerd to Vegas to speak to casino execs. Don't get the impression that this is my usual lifestyle--I'm only blogging about this day because this never happens to me.

The first stop: Executive terminal of SFO. This is north of the airport. Never been there before.

Alltop Badge Contest

I am in pursuit of the world's greatest sidebar badges for Alltop, so we're sponsoring a contest here. The top five entries will get a iPod Touch. Legal residents of the U.S. only (it's a long story having to do with tons of legal issues). Looking forward to seeing your entry!

By the way, if you want to match our logo's font, we use DIN Bold.

Father's Day Gift Suggestion: Clear Card

If you're searching for a Father's Day gift that a traveling dad (or mom) will truly appreciate the whole year, consider a Clear card. This is the card that involves pre-screening of your background so that you can get through airport secureity faster. My experience is that I get through security at every Clear airport in five minutes or less.