A simple yes or no will do…

Will the price of gold go up?

Is the price of BP shares likely to go higher?

Does the S&P seem to be falling?

If you were to ask the above questions to a trader you’d end up with an answer that probably left you none the wiser. Of course there are arguments either way and it’s the brave soul who sticks out their neck to predict where things are heading.

For many people that’s one of the drawbacks of traditional trading. Add that to the sometimes complex and fiddly task of using trading platforms and you end up with many people who would like to trade choosing not to. Even if you manage to get a trade on you then have to watch it like a hawk, sometimes for hours on end, to see how it turns out. Just too much hassle.

What if it is was made much easier?

In essence all you have to decide is whether the answer to the above questions is Yes or No. And it takes less than an hour to find out whether you were right or wrong.

That’s Binary Options Trading.

With a blindingly simple user interface StartOptions provides members with the ability to trade Binary Options and earn up to 75% on each trade.

You also know straight away what the risk on the trade is so you don’t have to fret about mounting losses threatening your bank.

Joining is easy and you can quickly make a deposit to make your first trade.

Why not try it now?

Don’t worry support is always there for you and feedback is encouraged so that the site can be made even more user friendly.

Minimum deposit is $100 and maximum $5,000.

Whether you are new to the world of trading or an old hand Binary Options provides you with a chance to trade at a level you feel comfortable with.

See if it suits your needs.

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