More Money Review tightens access…and pours oil on the fire

Having been something of a regular contributor to More Money Review I’ve received an email asking to choose a permanent user name as the site is tightening security. From tomorrow Friday 29th July you will need to sign in to leave comments on the various opportunities under review.

It seems that some people were using the same name when leaving comments and it created potential for confusion. The solution it seems is to get everyone to register a unique username so that when they comment everyone will know who it is from.

While I was on the site I took the chance to read a few of the recent comments. One that took my eye was from Matt Houghton who offers a racing tipster service of his own. In fact he wasn’t commenting on his own service but one that another contributor was marketing.

When I started to read the comments they were all extremely positive and the service looked a real find. However, as you read further cracks began to appear. Some members had joined just as the service had hit a losing streak. Now, this should not be a surprise as the claim strike rate was around 25% so simple maths would tell you that losing runs are inevitable.

So, a few negative comments prompted a robust response from the tipster himself and to be fair the points he made are very valid. Some people, however, decided to broaden about the debate and questions were soon being asked as to why no contact details were available on the site. Suffice it to say this thread kicked off even more intense comment and speculation.

Jack Whiteman from More Money Review was dragged into the debate and as far as I could tell admitted that the service did suffer from certain poor practices. Comments are still flying in so if you have some time to spare you might be interested in taking a look.

What it does show to me is that however much you try to help people there is every chance that it will come back to bite you.

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