Duellatorus making headway…

Well, it’s almost two months since Duellatorus started trading on my behalf. As a reminder this was a service that claims to use unorthodox methods when trading forex.

I agreed to invest some money and report on results as the months progress. Their aim is to make a return of 10% a month on invested funds.

The initial period of investment is six months and we are now a third of the way through. Anyone who has experience in forex trading will appreciate things never happen as expected. You need patience and belief to get you through both the ups and downs.

So, to report that things are on track is particularly pleasing. The return is currently just over 20% for the two months. Now that’s not to say it’s all been plain sailing. One set of transactions took quite a while to complete and in fact traded at a loss for quite a while. However, patience was rewarded as they closed out for a profit recently.

I like the idea of having an account like this as I know my personality is not really suited to trading. Here I can benefit from the experience of others and trade profitably. Of course this isn’t free and I do pay a proportion of my profit for the service.

If this sounds of interest then keep an eye out for future reports and I’ll give you more details of how to join.

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